A novel concept which brings life to static images for an engaged and immersive experience to the readers. These are 6D books. They use augmented and virtual reality so the readers can experience what is printed in the book. In addition to video, audio, downloadable PDF notes and 3D images, they come with 3D glasses.

BookApps now available

Human Anatomy

MRP: Rs.1795/-

The ultimate anatomy experience and reference tool for students. A comprehensive and user-friendly interface of AR Anatomy provides detailed human model with an immersive augmented reality experience.

Solar System

MRP: Rs.1795/-

Explore our solar system with this fantastic Augmented Reality book and Sol-AR Selfie app! This BookApp allows to see planets, Moon and spaceships come up live from the page into 3D life in your living room.

Animal Kingdom Vol-1

MRP: Rs.1795/-

Have ever dreamed of interacting with wild animals in your home ! This BookApp brings 26 animals in to life on your table top, drawing room, backyard etc. Interact with them.


MRP: Rs.1795/-

Travel back in time with AR dinosaurs. Dinosaurs had ruled the Earth millions of years ago, but with augmented reality (AR), you can turn your living room into “Jurassic Age.”


AR /VR Lab for Schools

AppeAR Lab, an interactive and immerssive environment to explore the curriculum in schools. AR/VR increases interest, adds fun, has global standard content, helps to understand the hard concept and make AppeAR lab the most sought after lab for the schools .

Features of BookApp

The key features of BookApp are listed below.

Augment Reality

Augment Reality embedded pages are marked with AR symbol. Open the app and point to AR page. Disclaimer: AR is supported in Android versions 7 or greater and some devices may not have hardware support for Augment Reality in which AR will not be triggered. Inadequate light and glare on AR pages can cause flickering and poor AR experience.

Virtual Reality

VR is triggered when you point the camera at VR marker. You can drag the scene using your fingers or moving the device. When you click on the VR mode button the screen will split to dual view. Then place your device to VR Glass and immerse yourselves.

Lecture Video

Video is triggered when you point the camera at Video marker. You can maximize the video by clicking on the full screen button at the right bottom corner.

Audio Narration

Audio is triggered along with AR. You can use the audio controller to repeat the audio.

PDF Notes

You can download PDF notes by pointing at PDF marker. Notes and snapshots are saved in to BookApp's folder in the gallery.

3D Images

3D Glass is for viewing images only. For best 3D experience view the images in daylight. Do not view TV or other images with the 3D Glass provided with this book. Children under 5 years should not use 3D glasses.

How to Register your BookApp

Step 1

Click on the Sign Up button in the Login Page.

Step 2

Enter the Key (found on your BookApp's back cover) and your email id.

Step 3

Fill in the necesary fields and create password. You will recieve a confirmation mail after you click on the register button. Click on the verification link and finish the process. Now you can login your BookApp using your email id and password you created.

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